Axial Fans with Adjustable Pitch Blades

Axial Fans

Drive options Direct Drive / Belt Drive
Impellers GRP / Aluminum Blades
Casing Long Casing / Short Casing
Impeller diameter 2000 mm / 4000 mm
Air flow upto 3,25,000 m3/h
Static Pressure upto 70 mmwg





Smoke vent with Variable  Pitch Aluminum Blades

Heavy duty Axial fan with special smoke duty motors rated for 250˚, 300 ˚ , 400 ˚ for 2 hours

Smoke Vent

Drive options Direct
Impellers Variable Pitch Aluminum Blades
Casing Long Casing
Impeller diameter 2,000 mm
Air flow upto 1,00,000 m3/h
Static Pressure upto 40 mmwg






Jet Fan Ventilation system

Jet Fans

Regular use at Ambient Temperature
Smoke extraction in case of fire F300 (300 deg C/ 120 min.) available on request
Impeller specially designed for low noise
Fan dynamically balanced for low vibration
Motor IP55, Insulation class H (smoke extract) Motors IP55, insulation class F (Normal condition), according to EN 60034-5/IEC 85
50/60 Hz Range available
Reversible available on request




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